What is Cabotage?

Cabotage containers are shipping containers which are released (free of charge) for oneway use.
After discharge and unloading of goods at the final destination the containers can be returned empty in the close vicinity.

This reduces empty kilometers significantly, and in turn result in cost savings for the user of the container.
Your carbon footprint will be considerably lower. A unique feature is, that Cabotage Portal assigns the Co2 saving to the user.

We offer the following advantages to the user of oneway/cabotage containers:

  • 30 days free use of the containers reducing your detention and demurrage costs
  • Depot truck handling costs for Container Cabotage Portal account.
  • CO2 reduction for your account !
  • Fast pick up from our empty container depots.
  • We can offer you the cleanest cabotage container in Europe ! Your cargo will be shipped the most environmentally friendly way !
  • All of our containers are: CSC plated / cargo worthy wind and watertight / valid prefix / 30 tons tested